Not only is my head is spinning with last-minute holiday obligations, but it’s filled with thoughts of what this time of year means. After reading more about the winter solstice, I’ve been ruminating about the immense good fortune most of us have to be living in such abundance.  For centuries, January through April were traditionally famine months in temperate climates like mine. This reminds me of how very new – and maybe fragile – our current food storage and distribution systems are.

At the same time, I came across the best fundraising blog ever, Nell Edgington’s Social Velocity – and her reference to nonprofits’ “starvation cycle.” This term is new to me but it’s been around for some time – the article I’ve linked to is from 2009. In a nutshell, funding overhead is not sexy, but it is necessary.  I think the same applies to the issue of human hunger. And again, I feel lucky.

In her latest post, Edginton refers to “the nonprofit sector’s proclivity to endlessly beat around the bush, tell donors what they want to hear, and sugar-coat the truth.” This is something I addressed in my second blog post.  I think it will be a perennial problem for fundraising communications.

I’ll leave you with the best recipes ever for chocolate bark – I’ve kitchen-tested these myself with thrilling results. Now, I’m off to my errands and make a gift to my local food bank.

Happy holidays!